Become a web3 dev

YouTube videos won't make you land and excel at a high-paying Web3 job. At we provide you with the mentoring and tools for that, at no upfront cost.

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A highly selective program made for the new generation of builders

Learn by building

You will benefit from hands-on training to build actual web3 apps with experienced, on-demand mentors. Your GitHub will grow fast

Web3 mindset

You will be able to understand the fundamentals of web3 and think proactively with this new tech paradigm in mind


You will be surrounded by like-minded peers who want to learn and collaborate with you. Everything is remote, but in the spirit of web3, we will incentivize relationship-building among students

How it works

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You are a web2 dev or a CS college student who wants to pursue a career in web3 development but don't know where to start

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12-week program, remote. We will curate the learning materials and you will spend most of the time building actual applications. Whenever you have questions we will be there to support you

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Land a job

We will help you navigate the job process with our recruiting partners, and you don't have to pay back anything until you start your web3 dev job

Our students give us a NPS of 90

5 / 5

Grateful and proud to meet and to be on this journey with the Crystalize team and my peers in this first cohort. I hope everything turns out great!

4.5 / 5

Dedicated mentorship and continuous support. Something that I haven't experience in any course or bootcaamp before.

5 / 5

Wonderful work by the Bootcamp organizers and the mentors to craft such an excellent program for those wanting to enter the web3 industry as a developer.


What’s the duration of the program?

It's a 12-week program.

What skills do I need to enroll?

You need to have knowledge of basic CS concepts (memory representation, basic algorithms, basic data structures, first principles thinking, intuition for debugging), experience with Javascript and React, basic knowledge of Git + GitHub/-Lab, and front-end dev experience.

Why do I have to do a coding test to get in?

We want to ensure every student has what's needed to succeed in the program.

How will I work with other students?

You will have group projects in which you can work with other students. Furthermore, we will encourage and reward students for mingling and embracing the collaborative nature of web3.

Who do I contact for further questions?

Can I have a full-time job while on the course?

Yes! The course is designed for professional developers who are interested in transitioning to web3, and it expects a 20h commitment per week from each student.

Are there any Scholarships?

We aren’t offering any scholarships for now, but have you seen there is no upfront cost? 🙂

Do I have to attend any live sessions?

We strongly encourage you to attend the few live sessions we host; however, most sessions will be async and any live session will be recorded.

What if I am not able to complete a project by the deadline?

We will offer ongoing support with our coaches for you to finish it and understand how you can accomplish it.

What technical skills will I get from this program?

You will learn the fundamentals of blockchains and how to interact with a blockchain, Solidity, testing with Foundry and deployment on testnets & L2s with Hardhat, ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, oracles, gas optimization, blockchain data and storage (The Graph, IPFS, Arweave). Most importantly, this is a hands-on program and you will spend most of your time building actual applications.

What non-technical skills will I get from this program?

Our goal is for you to get an actual web3 dev job, so we will provide lessons on interviewing, how to have a web3 mindset, work ethics, social capital and deliver guest lectures from industry experts and founders

What if I don't get a job after the program?

We work with our recruiter partners to ensure that doesn't happen, but if that's the case we keep supporting your recruiting process, as well as provide a 3-month internship to further develop your skillsets.

What's the cost of the program?

We believe everyone in the world should benefit from high-quality education. To accommodate for that, we offer different tuition plans, including the possibility of deferred tuition until you land a high-paying web3 job.

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Interested in personalized training?

Our team has collectively built the curriculum for over 30 e-learning courses, for Fortune 500 companies and individuals. Email us at with your goals and we will get back to you if it's a fit.

Who we are

We are a group of humans with a shared passion and track record delivering impact for the world.



Strategy and Operations

Built P2P e-learning company. Investor & advisor in crypto space & beyond.

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People and Growth

Ed-tech investor and advisor of various startups, former EY Consultant, Cornell & Columbia MBA

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Jorge Antonio

Education and Tech

Solidity and Rust Developer. Math PhD and researcher. Experience in Data Science and Machine Learning

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DC Builder

Learning and Innovation

Research engineer at Alongside
Creator of

Pradhumna Pancholi.jpg

Pradhumna Pancholi

Teaching Assistant

Web3 Builder and L2 contributor at BanklessDAO


Quinn M

Community and Branding

Ed-tech non-profit founder and education activist. Columbia University BS Physics.


Ray Hernandez

Guest lecturer

Director, Corporate Development and Strategy at ConsenSys (Metamask, Infura, etc.).


Massimiliano Gori

Guest lecturer

Cybersecurity Product Manager at Canonical (Ubuntu)


Lucas Manuel

Guest Lecturer

Smart Contract Lead at Maple Finance. Previously MakerDAO and EY. More than 4 years experience in smart contract dev


Victoire Duprez

Guest Lecturer

Head of talent acquisition at Sandbox US. Former Michael Page. 7 years recruiting experience

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